Absolute impeccable comic timing

Once again we were joined by our local NODA representative Jacqui Hartley for our latest production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. You can read her full review of the show below:

This was a comedy musical, with the emphasis on comedy, with music and lyrics by David Yazbek and the book by Jeffrey Lane.  It was based on the 1988 film of the same name and premiered on Broadway in 2006 and ran for 626 performances.

It centres on two conmen one a suave and sophisticated who makes his living by talking rich women out of their money and the other one is a small-time crook, a swindler playing on the ladies heart strings by telling stories about his grandmother's poor health.  These two meet up and try working together but decide this town isn't big enough for them both.

Very capable and larger than life these two characters Lawerence Jameson, (Kev Davies) gave a confident portrayal of the suave conman and the cheeky chappie Freddy Benson (Chris Scott) just oozed comedy, they were perfect foils for each other with absolute impeccable comic timing.  Paige Fletcher, was just right for the role of Jolene her energy and enthusiam was just what her character needed.  Christine Colgate the American Soap Queen, (Francesca Preston) who turned out to be yet another scoundrel, produced an outstanding performance.   Andre Thibault, (Martin Welsh) the local Chief of Police, along with Muriel Eubanks, (Adele Hill) complimented each other brilliantly.

Excellent Choreography and good chorus grouping, a lovely set well lit, and the props were moved swiftly on and off stage by stage staff dressed in costume making a polished production.  The Orchestra was a little loud in Act 1 and unfortunately we did lose some of the words.

It was really good to see something new, congratulations to the Society for choosing something different, it was quite hilarious a evening.  Well done to all involved both on and off stage.